Vent pipe for liquid waterproofing

Vent pipe for liquid waterproofing

The right exit


The Liquid Vent is the right accessory for the exit of steam and condensation, and the solution for serious issues resulting from water infi ltration caused by the swelling of the liquid waterproof layer, which can easily crack with changes in weather conditions. The TNT high-performance elastic sheet or the fi berglass mesh, which are mechanically bonded to the vent’s fl ange, ensure single layer welding between the product and the sheet, thus creating continuous and extremely eff ective waterproofi ng. The Liquid Vent is compatible with all available liquid waterproofi ng products and bicomponent cements in the market.



  •  Continuos waterproofing
  • Innovative technology
  • Less infi ltration leaks
  • Quick installation
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